Terms and Conditions of Use

Last update : May 11, 2023
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The www.wewardapp.com website and the WeWard mobile application are published by WEWARD, a simplified joint stock company with share capital of €1196.03, having its registered office at 111 Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris (75016), registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under number 85361417000035 (« WeWard » or « we »). 
These general terms and conditions of use (the « GTCU ») set out the terms and conditions of your access to and use of the Site. Please read them carefully.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, all capitalised terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them.


We have developed the WeWard mobile application («the Application ») to motivate Users to favour walking in their daily journeys, for health and ecological reasons.

The Application allows Points (« Wards ») to be awarded on the basis of actions or features promoted within the Application. By way of example, the User may be awarded Wards according to the number of steps taken or on the occasion of bonus actions in the Application.

Wards are used to unlock rewards displayed within the Application, under the conditions described in Article 7 hereof.‍

Article 1 – Definition

Application : means the WeWard mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

Wards prize pool: refers to the balance of Wards associated with the User Account.

Account or User Account: means the personal space dedicated to the User on the Application, which the User accesses by registering and logging on to the Application, after accepting theCGU.

Reward(s) : refers to all the possibilities offered to the User in exchange for the use of Wards, for example gift cards, virtual objects, cash prizes, shopping vouchers, discounts on items, support for humanitarian or ecological projects, goods or services available on the Application.

Service(s) : refers to all the services provided by WeWard via the Website and the Application.

Website : refers to the internet site www.wewardapp.com

User : refers to any natural person registered on the Application and holding an Account.

Visitor : refers to any person visiting the Services, but who is not a User.

Wards : refers to accumulated points that can only be used within the Application, notably to unlock Rewards displayed on the Application.

Article 2 - Registering and creating an Account

2.1 - Registration conditions

Registration for the Application is reserved for individuals over the age of fifteen (15) who have Internet access. When registering for the Application, the User declares and guarantees that he/she is fifteen (15) years of age or older. We reserve the right to request any document proving the identity and age of the person registering an Account.

Registration for the Application is free of charge and does not give rise to any obligation to purchase, or any financial consideration from the User to WeWard.

When creating an Account, the User declares that he/she has read and accepts these general conditions of use in their entirety.
When registering for the Application, the User also declares that he/she has read our Politique de protection des données personnelles, which is incorporated by reference into the GCU.

2.2 - Account creation

Use of the Application is free. To create an Account, you must complete the registration form accessible from the App.

You may also create an Account using a third-party service such as Facebook, Apple or Google and, where applicable, complete any missing data. In such a case, the User acknowledges that he/she authorises WeWard to use the data transmitted by the third-party service. For more information about the data we collect from you and how we use it, please see our Privacy Policy

You undertake to provide a valid e-mail address of which you are the owner and you represent and warrant that the information provided is accurate and complete.

Article 3 - Acceptance of the GCU

3.1 - Acceptance

When creating an Account, the User is free to tick the box « I accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use and I certify that I am over 15 years of age ».

Acceptance in the form of a tick box constitutes proof that the User has read and understood our Terms and Conditions of Use via the Application and implies unreserved acceptance.


Specific conditions may apply or be added during the use of certain Services in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 3.3. These various documents will be incorporated into these GCU.

3.2 - Enforceability

These GCU come into force on the date they are put online and are enforceable :
- as soon as they are accepted by the User, when registering for the Application, for the entire duration of use of the Services; or
- 30 days after they have been communicated to Users, when new GCU replace them;
- on the day they are put online, in the case of simple updates to the GTU relating to non-substantial elements.

Subject to compliance with these deadlines, the GCU online on the Application take precedence over any version of an earlier date and over these GCU, and cancel and replace any earlier version. The User may at any time give up using the Services and delete his/her Account, but he/she remains bound by any previous use.

3.3 - Modifications

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice, to adapt or modify these GCU. We may do so for various reasons, in particular to reflect non-substantive changes or changes to provisions modified by law, new features or changes in commercial practices.

Users who do not wish to adhere to the amended TOU may delete their account and cease to use the Services.

Any use of the Application and/or Services after the period of enforceability (article 3.2) implies their acceptance.

Article 4 - Conditions of access to Services

To access our Services, you must have an Account on the Application.

The Application can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store. Access to the Application is free of charge (excluding connection and telecommunication costs payable by the User).

Our Services aim to motivate Users' sporting efforts and everyday actions in a fun and interactive way. Under no circumstances must or may our Services be assimilated to services enabling a source of income to be obtained, or to professional income.

Access to our Services is only possible in a strictly personal and private context. WeWard is in no way responsible for any steps that may be applicable to obtaining and/or receiving Rewards (declarations, taxation, etc.) Consequently, the User agrees in particular not to use the Application in a professional or commercial context or in the interest of an activity competing with WeWard. Any breach of this provision may result in closure of the Account..

The User is hereby informed that in order to benefit from certain Services available in the Application, he/she is asked to agree to share his/her geolocation and/or physical activity monitoring via sensors native to his/her smartphone or connected objects. Failing this, the User will not be able to be awarded Wards, in particular for those requiring the calculation of the number of steps taken or the tracking of visits to recommended places. For more information about the information we collect from you and how we use it, please consult our Personal Data Protection Policy.

We reserve the right, without prior notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently close all or part of the Application or access to the Remote Services, in particular in order to carry out updates, maintenance operations, modifications or changes to operating methods, servers and access times, and in the event of an anomaly, to do everything possible to make the Application accessible and operational.

Article 5 - User obligations

The User undertakes to use the Application and theServices only under the conditions defined herein.

In particular, the User undertakes :
- not to use the Application or Services for professional, commercial or profit-making purposes ;
- not to provide WeWard (in particular when creating or updating an Account) with false, misleading, deceptive or fraudulent information;
- not to open more than one Account on the Application and not to open an Account in the name of a third party;
- not to use another User's Account, share an Account with another User or manage several User Accounts;
- publish sponsorship codes on a review publication site, such as Apple Store, Google Play or Trustpilot;
- not to use the Services for harmful or malicious purposes;
- not to infringe the rights and image of WeWard, in particular its intellectual property rights;
- not to use the Services to harm WeWard in general;
- not to use the Services for purposes that are illegal or prohibited by these GCU.

Any breach of any of these undertakings constitutes a serious breach of the User's contractual obligations under these GCU.

It is the User's responsibility to ensure that their IT and transmission resources are in good working order and up to date in order to benefit from the functionalities of the Services and the Application.

The User is responsible for the preservation, use and confidentiality of his/her login and password.

The User undertakes to notify WeWard immediately of any disclosure to third parties or theft or compromise of his/her password.

The User further acknowledges that he/she alone is responsible for complying with all laws, regulations and obligations applicable to his/her use of the Application and Services.

Article 6 - Suspension of accounts, restriction of access and termination

We reserve the right to refuse access to all or part of the Service to any User who fails to comply with these T&Cs.

We reserve the right to refuse and/or cancel a User name/suspend the Account, at our sole discretion, in the event of fraud. The User will be informed.

In the event of a breach by the User of these GCU, in particular of the obligations detailed in Article 5, or if we have legitimate reasons to believe that this is necessary to protect our security, our integrity, that of other users or third parties, or for fraud prevention purposes, we reserve the right in particular to:
- terminate in accordance with Article 12, immediately and without notice, our contractual relationship with the User ;
- restrict your access to and use of the Application and Services;
- temporarily suspend your Account;
- permanently close your Account.

Where necessary, the User will be notified of the implementation of such a measure and will be able to make observations. Observations must be sent in accordance with the procedures set out in Article14 « Contact ». WeWard will decide, at its sole discretion, whether or not to lift the measures put in place.

The measures put in place will take effect without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed from the User as compensation for losses incurred as a result of a breach of the TOU.

Article 7 – Wards

The most frequently asked questions from our users are regularly answered by our teams and can be found in our FAQ section 

7.1 - Allocation of Wards

The creation of an Account automatically generates registration for the Wards award programme. Wards correspond to points that can only be used within the Application to unlock Rewards. The number of Wards associated with the User Account is displayed in the Account balance (the « Wards pool prize »).

Users are awarded Wards by carrying out the actions promoted on the Application (validating the daily walk, validating quests, taking part in competitions, surveys, events and/or any functionality set up for this purpose) including in particular :

- by validated and verified physical movement (e.g. steps) ;
- when visiting geographical locations referenced on the WeWard Application;
- by carrying out quests (such as downloading a mobile application, subscribing to a service, etc.);
- by completing surveys;
- by specific actions on a bonus page (where applicable, the terms and conditions will be specified in the Application)
- by a receipt sent to the WeWard Application;
- by purchasing on a partner website after using the corresponding URL link;
- by purchasing on a partner website after installing the extension and updating the link;
- by sponsoring a third party to open a User Account.

The number of Wards awarded according to the actions or challenges will be specified in the Application. This number may be subject to daily, weekly or monthly limits as well as to validation criteria which may imply a certain delay in the allocation of Wards. The number of Wards awarded for an action or challenge may change; the conditions for awarding Wards will be detailed in the Application.
The awarding of Wards by means of certain functionalities available in the Application may require the purchase of a good or service provided by a third party on one of WeWard's partner sites. The number of Wards awarded in this way and the methods of awarding and verification will be specified in the Application. The number of Wards may vary depending on the Users or the products or services purchased, and may change over time. Where applicable, the Wards will be added to the Wards pool prize, and therefore usable, when the partner site has informed WeWard of the completion of the promoted action (visit, purchase, subscription, participation in events, etc.). The User is informed that the number of Wards allocated may subsequently be withdrawn from the Wards pool prize for various reasons such as :

- After making a purchase, the User has returned all or some of the products involved in the purchase;
- To access the partner site, the User has used one or more computer systems not connected to the WeWard Services;
- The products purchased or services subscribed to are not eligible for the operation.

Users may be awarded Wards by sponsoring the registration of other users by participating in the Application's sponsorship programme. The terms and conditions for awarding sponsorship and the maximum number of Wards to be awarded under the sponsorship programme may change, and the terms will be detailed in the Application. We reserve the right to terminate the sponsorship programme as well as the right to deactivate a sponsorship code, particularly if it appears on a review site.

We reserve the right and absolute discretion to determine and modify from time to time the physical movements eligible for Wards, the movement verification algorithms and the quantities of verified movements that Users must make in order to be awarded Wards using the Application. For example, we may change the step verification algorithm and the number of steps required to generate Wards.

The User is informed and acknowledges that the collection and sending of data from mobile devices or from partners in the context of purchases, quests or surveys, and in general by means of any transmission of information over communication networks such as the Internet, is subject to technical constraints resulting from technologies beyond the control of WeWard. Despite the care taken by WeWard in verifying the data, WeWard cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or missing data. Accordingly, WeWard cannot be held liable for any errors, interruptions, lack of availability or inaccuracy of information. WeWard also reserves the right to subsequently modify the Wards allocated to a User where an error or fraud has been committed.

7.2 - The Wards prize pool

The number of Wards associated with the User Account is displayed in the Wards prize pool.

Wards prize pool is neither a bank account nor any other payment instrument or service. It functions as a points programme enabling Rewards to be obtained.

The balance of the Wards prize pool cannot be reimbursed in cash, exchanged or given any monetary value.

Wards must be obtained and used in accordance with the rules of these GCU. WeWard has the final authority to decide whether a feature allows Wards to be obtained. Wards will not be granted and may be withdrawn at WeWard's discretion, in particular in the event of suspected fraudulent use of all or part of the Services.

We may change or impose different balance and usage limits on the Wards prize pool at any time. You will be notified of any changes. Your continued use of your Account after the date of enforceability (article 3.2 of the TOS) of the changes will constitute your acceptance of these changes in full. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE MODIFICATIONS, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONTINUING TO USE THE SERVICES. In this case, WeWard will under no circumstances be obliged to refund, exchange or offer any monetary discount for the Wards remaining in your Wards prize pool.

Any sale and/or exchange of Wards within or outside the Application and/or the Services is strictly prohibited.

7.3 - Rewards

Depending on the number of Wards available in the Wards Kitty, the User will be able to unlock the Rewards displayed in the Application. The Rewards may consist of obtaining virtual objects, supporting volunteer work or humanitarian or ecological projects, taking part in ephemeral operations, awarding vouchers, partner discount codes, discounts on certain items or cash prizes and/or providing a good or service.

Access to a Reward requires the possession of a specified number of Wards displayed on the Application. Certain Rewards may also be obtained by using a sum of money in addition to the Wards. Except where expressly provided for and displayed in the Application, the User may not obtain the Reward displayed if he/she does not have a sufficient number of Wards corresponding to that Reward.

To obtain a Reward, the User must follow the instructions in the "Rewards" section of the Application. The choice and use of Rewards are the sole responsibility of the User. Under no circumstances may WeWard be held liable for any damage whatsoever caused to the User or to a third party as a result of the use of the Rewards.

The Application allows Rewards to be obtained in the context of transactions requiring the use of all or part of the balance of the Wards Kitty. The nature of the Rewards (virtual object, voucher, partner discount code, cash prize, good or service) is specified in the Application. Certain options for using the balance of the Wards Kitty may require Wards to be used for a limited period and within the limit of the maximum number of participants and/or quantities displayed in the Application. The terms and conditions of access (start date and time, duration, number of participants allowed, quantities, etc.) will be detailed in the Application. In the event of successful use of the balance of the Wards Kitty to obtain the Rewards displayed, the User will be immediately informed of the actual use of the balance and the awarding or sending of the Reward. Depending on the Reward, participation in some of these operations may be restricted to persons of legal age. WeWard reserves the right to verify the age of the User.

Cash prize Rewards. When these Rewards are available, unlocking and obtaining Rewards that would consist of a cash prize requires WeWard to be provided with a bank account in the SEPA zone in the User's name (Relevé d'Identité Bancaire -RIB-). The User must verify his/her identity before being able to obtain cash prizes. WeWard therefore reserves the right to carry out any checks it deems necessary regarding the identity and/or age of the User. WeWard cannot be held responsible if the bank details provided are incorrect, do not correspond to those of the User or if, for any other reason linked to technical problems, the cash prize is not sent correctly. The User is hereby informed and acknowledges that it is not WeWard's responsibility to carry out checks on the RIB transmitted and that any bank charges, in particular relating to the receipt of the cash prize, will be borne by the User.

Sweepstakes. The release of certain Rewards available in the Application may be subject to the use of all or part of the balance of the Wards Kitty as well as to a hazard without financial sacrifice. In the event of a win, the User will be informed of the win as well as the awarding of the Reward or the method of sending or routing the Reward. Please note: Participation in some of these operations and/or the awarding of certain Rewards may be reserved for adults. To find out more, please refer to the conditions of participation in the said lottery, which can be accessed from the Application or in the broadcast medium concerned. WeWard reserves the right to verify the age of the User to whom the prize is to be awarded.

Volunteer or charity projects. The Application allows the balance of the Wards Kitty to be used for volunteer or charity projects carried out by or with third party partners (associations, foundations, etc.). The projects presented in this way are selected by WeWard and described in the Application. The participation of Users consists of the use of Wards in the context of an association's kitty which is common to all Users of the Application. The amount collected in these pooled funds includes all the costs of carrying out the project, including management costs for the Association and WeWard. These pooled funds display one or more participation levels which must be reached, allowing Users to show their support for the project in question. Once the threshold has been reached, WeWard informs the Users and proceeds with the actions described (for example, funding another partner's project). In the event that a third party partner fails to fulfil its obligations, WeWard reserves the right to carry out actions other than those described (e.g. funding another project), without incurring any liability.
The unlocked Reward will be awarded as is. Rewards may not be reimbursed in cash, exchanged, given any monetary equivalent or offset against any sums due to WeWard.

The User acknowledges that WeWard accepts no responsibility for any features, products, services or other benefits offered on the Application in the "Rewards" section which are manufactured or provided by third-party partners. The User acknowledges that the Company does not guarantee the quality, proper functioning or safety of the goods, services or other benefits offered on the Application. The User acknowledges that WeWard assumes no obligation of return, exchange or refund in relation to the Rewards available on the Application.

The Rewards available on the Application may be modified or deleted at any time by WeWard, without WeWard having to justify the reason for doing so and without WeWard being held liable.

In the event of the unavailability and/or withdrawal of a Reward previously released by the User, WeWard reserves the right to credit the User again for the Wards spent or to replace it with another Reward of the same value and with equivalent characteristics, without its liability being incurred.

7.4 - Suspension or deletion of the Account linked to the use of the Wards

In all circumstances, the User must behave fairly when participating in and using the Wards. 
The User undertakes not to voluntarily transfer false data to WeWard, such as falsified GPS coordinates, erroneous physical activity or falsified or non-owned receipts.The User undertakes not to use third parties to generate Wards on his/her behalf. 
The User undertakes not to attempt to find devious ways of accumulating Wards, such as : - Artificially simulating steps (balances, software, etc.); - Artificially simulating geolocation points; - Issuing computer requests to falsify physical activity or purchase data; - Sending falsified or non-owned till receipts; - Falsify sponsorships. 
We reserve the right to stop the Wards programme or to modify it at any time, without compensation, subject to informing Users.

Article 8 – Intellectual Property

The Application, trademarks, logos and any other distinctive sign of WeWard and/or its partners, as well as any software used in the provision of the Service, and the content of the Application (i.e. any text, video, photograph or any other information in any format and of any nature whatsoever appearing on the Application) are the exclusive property of WeWard and/or its partners and/or third parties and may be protected by copyright, trademark law, patent law or any other intellectual property right. These GCU do not entail any transfer of ownership of any nature whatsoever to the User.
It is therefore forbidden to copy, modify, reproduce, distribute, publish, integrate on any medium whatsoever, adapt, transfer or assign, license, sub-license, give as security, transmit in any other way the elements of the Application or to carry out reverse engineering or use any other method to attempt to access the source codes and/or protocols of the Application, without the express authorisation of WeWard or the holder of the rights. The User undertakes not to use the Application or the Website in an illegal manner or in a manner incompatible with these GCU, or to act in a fraudulent or malicious manner, for example by hacking or inserting malicious code, including viruses, or harmful data, into the Application or the Website;

The User undertakes to-: - not to infringe the intellectual property rights or those of third parties in connection with the use of the Application or the Website-; -not to transmit any defamatory, explicit, offensive or otherwise reprehensible content on the Application or the Website; -not to use the Application or the Website in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or interfere with our systems, security or other Users-; -not to use any technology that interferes in any way with the proper working of the Application or the Website, including blocking any advertising or promotion displayed on it. -not to collect or harvest information or data from the Application or the Website for commercial purposes, unless otherwise agreed in writing by WeWard. 
If WeWard discovers a breach by the User, WeWard reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate access to the Application and delete the corresponding Account. 
The Website and the Application may contain links or content from services not operated by us that provide additional content or functionality. The content of such third party services is governed by the terms of use and privacy policy of the relevant third party service providers and is the sole responsibility of such third party service providers. WeWard is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of third party services, or the services, products or content available from such services. The inclusion of links to, or use of, third party services does not constitute an endorsement by WeWard of those services. For further information, please consult the terms of use and/or privacy policy of the relevant third party service.

Article 9 –  Absence of medical advice

The WeWard Application makes it possible to track and verify the quantity and frequency of Users' physical movements, generate Wards and use them to redeem for Rewards. The Services provided by WeWard do not contain, do not constitute, and should not be construed as medical advice or medical advice. WeWard is not a licensed healthcare professional, does not collect health data and is not in a position to provide medical advice. The User should always consult a qualified and licensed healthcare professional before starting or modifying any diet or exercise program. The WeWard Application is not a tool for diagnosing or preventing disease and use of the Application does not create a doctor-patient relationship between the User and WeWard.

Article 10 – Personal data

In the course of using the Services, we may collect and process certain personal data about the User.

By registering, the User acknowledges and agrees to the processing of his/her personal data by WeWard in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of our Privacy Policy. For more information about the information we collect from you and how we use it, please see our Privacy Policy.

Article 11 – Responsability

Given the technical computer and telecommunications constraints inherent in the use of the Application and the Website, WeWard may not be held liable in the event of damage caused by a malfunction in one or more of the stages of access to the Application and/or the Service offered, due in particular, but not exclusively, to the inconveniences inherent in the use of the Internet network, such as disruption of service, external intrusion, presence of computer viruses or malfunction of any kind whatsoever. The User is invited to notify WeWard without delay of any difficulty he/she may encounter in using the Application.

WeWard does not guarantee optimal operation of the Application if the version used does not correspond to the latest version of the Application on the download platforms (Google Play and Apple Store). WeWard cannot be held liable in the event of damage caused by a malfunction on an earlier version of the Application.

If WeWard has legitimate reason to believe that the security of the Application has been compromised or that misuse of the Service is due to unauthorised use of the User's identification data, WeWard may temporarily deactivate the User's Account in order to preserve the integrity of the Application and the data in the User's Account.

The User undertakes to use the Application in accordance with its purpose and not to carry out any unlawful, unfair or dishonest action or any action that could be assimilated to a fraudulent practice of any kind whatsoever, in particular with the aim of artificially obtaining a greater number of Wards than those corresponding to the physical activities and visits to places carried out.
WeWard may not be held liable in the event that the non-performance or improper performance of WeWard's obligations is attributable either to the behaviour of the User, or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party to these GCU (in particular the sources of information published by third parties) and in particular partners over whom WeWard has no control, or due to a case of force majeure, as defined by article 1218 of the French Civil Code. Force majeure includes in particular: natural disasters, fires, strikes, breakdowns, shortages, war, power cuts, telecommunication network failures, loss of Internet connectivity due to public or private operators. Furthermore, WeWard may not be held liable for any indirect damage, operating loss, loss of profit, damage or costs arising from the present.

Without prejudice to the exclusions of WeWard's liability set out in these GCU, WeWard may only be held liable for direct, actual, foreseeable and certain damage suffered by the User, provided that the User proves that WeWard's contractual fault is the direct cause of the damage. The User acknowledges and accepts that loss of opportunity, operating loss in the accounting sense of the term, loss of productivity, contracts and/or margins, loss of earnings or Wards as well as the non-realisation of savings or expected gains or any damage to image may not give rise to compensation.

In any event and in the event that WeWard is held liable, the compensation due may not exceed the amount corresponding to the Rewards that would have been awarded to the User via the Wards during the three (3) months prior to the incident.

In order to facilitate their exchanges, the User accepts that WeWard's computer systems and files will be taken as proof between them unless the User provides evidence to the contrary of at least the same value.

Consequently, the computer files and registers stored within the computer systems operated by WeWard or on its behalf under reasonable conditions of security and reliability may be validly used and produced as proof of the performance of these GCU, and more generally of any event, communication or relationship occurring between the parties in connection with the use of the Services by the User. WeWard may validly produce in the context of any proceedings, for the purposes of proof of any act, fact or omission, the data, files, programmes, recordings or other elements, received, issued or stored by means of the aforementioned computer systems, on any digital or analogue media, and take advantage of them, except in the case of obvious error.

Article 12 – Contract duration - termination

12.1 - Duration of the contract

The GCU are subscribed to for an indefinite period from their first acceptance by the User under the conditions described in article 1.

12.2 - Termination or suspension of relations by WeWard

WeWard may suspend or remove access to all or part of the Application and Services in the event of non-compliance with these GCU by the User.
In this event, WeWard will notify the User of this suspension and/or deletion of the Account by e-mail, and will give the User formal notice to cease this violation.

In the event of suspension, the User may correct the breach within three (3) days of this notification. Once this period has elapsed, and in the absence of satisfactory action by the User, WeWard may terminate the contractual relationship with the User as of right, and subject to any damages to which it may claim in compensation for the loss resulting for it from this situation.

This termination may take place without notice in the event of a serious breach by the User of its obligations under these GCU.

WeWard reserves the right to deactivate the User's Account at the end of a period of total inactivity equal to or greater than thirty (30) days. However, the User will have the option of reactivating his Account, provided that he has not exceeded a period of inactivity of more than twenty-four (24) months. This period runs from the date of the User's last connection to the Application.

12.3 - Termination of relations by the User

The User may terminate the contractual relationship with WeWard at any time, free of charge and without giving any reason. To do so, they simply need to go to the Application Settings and click on the "Delete my account" option.

Within forty-eight (48) hours of deleting the Account, all or part of the User's data may be deleted from WeWard's databases and the User will no longer have access to the Application or the Services. The deletion of this data depends on WeWard's legal obligations and its commitments in the Privacy Policy.

In the event of the User's death, and upon production of the relevant supporting documents, the Account will be deactivated. Its content may only be transmitted to heirs by court order or under the conditions provided for by the regulations in force.

Article 13 – Litigation

These GCU and their interpretation are governed by French law, without prejudice to any applicable conflict of law rules, unless otherwise provided by public policy.

In the event of a problem, the User is invited to contact: contact@weward.fr

In accordance with article L. 612 - 1 of the French Consumer Code, the User is offered free recourse to a mediator with a view to the amicable resolution of any dispute between the User and WeWard. The User is invited to contact WeWard with his/her request so that WeWard can provide him/her with the contact details of the mediation body and the precise conditions for such recourse to this mediation procedure.

The User may also consult the European platform for dispute resolution: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.consumer.rights

If mediation fails or is refused, any legal action will be brought before the competent court in application of the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.

Article 14 – Contact

For any questions or information, Users may contact WeWard :- either by e-mail to the address: contact@wewardapp.com--or by post to the address given in the preamble to these GCU.