Take care of your employees and boost the synergy and cohesion within your company

Engage your employees in healthy and sustainable activities with WeWard Corporate

WeWard motivates 20 million users to walk more every day. Let’s challenge your team too :
1- Reward your employees for coming to the office by walking
2- Give them access to the premium version of the app with exclusive benefits
3- Launch a private step walking contest between your colleagues

This is a unique opportunity to maintain a healthy and eco-friendly link with your employees.

WeWard's efficiency is proven: time spent walking goes up by 24%!
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Improve the quality of life at work for your employees

Walking and physical activity in general have many benefits for your employees.
Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease means reducing sick leave
Stimulate creativity and cognitive abilities
Increased attention and memory
Reduced stress levels

Boost your team's cohesion with community championships and challenges

With the help of a real-time ranking, your employees can compare the number of steps of their colleagues. Participants can also send each other messages within the app.

Team or individual challenges, rewarding regularity or performance, everything is possible to motivate your employees!

CSR and associative partnerships: support causes that are important to you

Gather all your employees around solidarity challenges. Whether its for the environment, health, or education, WeWard helps you to organize solidarity challenges.