With WeWard Corporate, the more you walk, the more you donate for the association of your choice !

Promote the health of your employees by uniting them around a cause that brings them together

WeWard already motivates 20 million users to walk more every day. You can too make walking a reward for your employees !

Why walking ? Because it's the most inclusive sport, and the one that will unite the majority of your employees around a common cause !

With WeWard Corporate, your employees improve their health and well-being, and participate in a positive-impact project, all thanks to walking !

This is a unique opportunity to maintain a healthy and ecological bond with your employees.

Increase your employees' walking time by 30% with WeWard Corporate!

CSR and associative partnerships : with WeWard Corporate, walk for the good cause

Bring all your employees together around a challenge of solidarity. Whether it's for environment, health or education causes, the choice is yours! You can choose among our partner associations, or a local association that's meaningful for you! 97% of employees say they're ready to do some physical activity for a good cause!

A private championship to stimulate your employees

Create an internal emulation around walking, develop team spirit and a sense of belonging within your company!

Team or individual challenges, rewarding regularity or performance or performance, find the best way to motivate your employees!

You can customize your championship interface to reflect your corporate image and track your performance statistics live.

Access to a premium version of the app with exclusive advantages:

WeWard Premium is a version of the app designed for your employees :
Walking is more rewarded, your employees earn 10% more for their daily walk
No ads within the app
A VIP customer support
More gift options to redeem Wards

They trust us