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These days, it can feel like the world is moving faster than we are.
A world that's designed for our brains rather than our bodies means that we’re constantly overstimulated and not moving enough.
The simple act of walking is good for our bodies, our minds, and for the planet. It fosters empathy and a sense of belonging, and brings us back in touch with each other and our surroundings. At the same time, its immense value has been overlooked and under-appreciated.
People don’t understand the many rewards that walking can bring.
WeWard wants to get more people walking the world over, by any means necessary.
From financial rewards to connecting with your community to supporting a cause, WeWard can reward you with whatever you want to get out of walking. We’re making walking a more rewarding part of our lives, because a walking world is a world in balance
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A company with a committed and innovative mission
+24% more running time generated
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600,000 tons of CO2 averted
Thousands of small businesses supported

An associative commitment at the heart of our work

We recommend our users to convert their Wards into micro-donations to create concrete projects with numerous associations to things like humanitarian aid, animal protection, environmental protection, education, inclusion among many others. Today $600,000 have already been donated.
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A relationship of trust with our users


Our vision is clear: got more people walking all over the world! Today, 20 million users already trust us to walk more and are getting rewarded for it. Our unique and kind business model is based on sharing part of our revenue with our users. Indeed, we believe there is no limit when it comes to motivating our users to walk.

Data compliant

We scrupulously respect the legislation in force for the protection of personal data in the countries where we operate (according to the GDPR in the European Union). As such, we do not sell any of our users' data.

Propose quality partnerships

We take care to not enter partnerships with any business that we believe has a negative social impact or effect on the environment.
More than 10 million dollars to users
No selling data
Specific partnership selection
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588,000 tons of CO2 are averted each year

WeWard also claims a sustainable impact to preserve the planet. We directly fight against climate change by promoting walking instead of other means of transportation. This has resulted in massive pollution prevention, the equivalent of one year of electric heating for nearly 2.5 million apartments
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