Who is Yurik Mamedov, WeWard’s new friend ?

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In this exclusive interview, we dive into the life and ambitions of Yurik Mamedov, a professional boxer with a very inspiring journey!

Yurik Mamedov, great and famous WeWard user, shares insight into his career, his pivotal role in the next Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and how walking plays a critical role in his daily routine as a high-level athlete.

We're also thrilled to announce our partnership with him. WeWard will be sponsoring Yurik's upcoming fight, on March 9th!

Yurik Mamedov, in a few words?
I'm a professional boxer, and I live in New York City. I am from Paris, France!”

What is the greatest victory of your career?
My biggest win was my first professional fight! As everybody knows, when you do something for the first time, it’s always hard and challenging.
I had to go through a lot of challenges to go through this first fight so I think it was the most important for my career!”

Yurik with Yves, WeWard’s CEO. A duel at the summit!

Are the Olympic Games something you think about?
The Olympic Games are coming soon and I have the pleasure to be part of the torch bearers! It’s an honor for me to be representing France, in my own country!”

As a high level athlete, how important is walking in your daily routine?
“As a professional athlete, I must walk a lot! Walking helps you lose weight and stay active. I’m very confident that walking is one of the key steps for your daily routine as an athlete or just as a person, to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep your heart going!”

Can you share your advice to stay motivated to be active?
“I didn't invent anything, but trust is the key! The best way of doing that is to get rid of any doubts. The best way to avoid our doubts is by working hard and training! You're going to track your steps. They're gonna motivate you, and keep you away by doubting yourself. Anything you do in life is possible if you just start with the first step.”

Where does your source of motivation come from?
“We are more than athletes. For me personally, what drives me, my energy and my motivation is fighting for my people, The Yezidis. If some of you don't know, we have suffered from different genocides.

So for me, if I can use my career and the sport of boxing as a platform to speak up and raise awareness to what is happening to my people, it's a win.

Every time I see young kids, I think they can be inspired by my story and my goals.

It’s all about motivating people and giving hope and hopefully bringing awareness of the Yezidi genocide. And I would encourage everybody to support Yezidi because nobody on this earth should be discriminated against, or be at war. These days, I have a country that is so peaceful and loves everybody.”

How physical activity brings you in your daily life?
I believe that working out is not only physical, but mental too! I believe that the best way to feel good mentally, is to work out physically. Don’t only think about your physical appearance, losing weight or being stronger! Mostly think about using the power of working out as a platform, a guide for you to be mentally healthy. It’s very important, it’s the number one key to mental health.”

What are the visions of WeWard that specifically resonate with you?
This is an app I use very often! One of the best apps is the business because you can get paid for walking! What is the best way to motivate people to work out, earn money, and be healthy? That's the most important part of the app. As a professional athlete, I must track everything I do, foot steps and calories. According to me, WeWard is perfect for that. Is a big part of my training camp! It helps me know how many steps I do, and how many calories I lose. It’s more important for us than we think!”

WeWard's Team with Yurik. Guess which application they're viewing?

How many steps do you think you take during a match?
“During a boxing match, we move around a lot! So it all depends on the style of fight I'm gonna do, but maybe 5 000 steps per fight! I try following my steps on a daily basis! Also, in my daily life, I'm around maybe five to 10 000  steps a day.
I try to get more, but you know, it’s not easy!” (Laughs)

Did you have any last words for our WeWarders?
“Keep up, together!”

Through his background and resilience, Yurik Mamedov represents values that are similar to those of WeWard. We were proud to support his last battle, on March 9!

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