600,000 tons of CO2 prevented thanks to WeWard!

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At a public conference at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, the independent research firm 6t revealed the findings of its study on the impact of WeWard in the fight against climate change. Specifically, the study's objective was to measure the energy savings achieved by the application by changing its users' travel patterns.

At least 600,000 tons of CO2 are prevented from entering the atmosphere since the beginning of our app thanks to the use of WeWard, which is the equivalent of one year of electric heating for nearly 2.5 million apartments.

To ensure the reliability and significance of the results, anonymized data from 95,000 users was analyzed, along with responses from a questionnaire sent to another 50,000 users.

Users walk 25% more and leave their cars behind!

First, the research firm analyzed our users' step data by comparing their activities before and after downloading the app. On average, WeWard increases the walking time of its users by 25%. This effect is immediate within the first month of using the app and continues over time.

Next, 6t studied the impact of the application on users' overall travel. Out of 100 kilometers walked, WeWard is responsible for 20km that would not have been walked without it. Of these 20km, seven would have been done by car in the absence of WeWard, nine would have been done via other means (bike, public transport, etc) while four simply wouldn't have happened at all. As such, 35% of the distances walked with WeWard replaced distances by car.

"WeWard is, as a result, enabling a real change in the habits of its users, who are walking more and significantly decreasing their use of other means of transportation, primarily by car," the research firm said.

600,000 tons of CO2 prevented

Energy savings can be easily deduced from the study's findings. Every day, a user substitutes an average of 528 meters of walking instead of driving. If we consider that an average car emits 192g of CO2 per kilometer, this translates to 101.376g of CO2 saved per day per user.

By applying these results to all of its users, WeWard is preventing 600,000 tons of CO2 across Europe from entering the atmosphere.

Thanks to its innovative system of walking rewards, WeWard is a powerful player in the ecological transition. Used by more than 10% of the French population and in seven countries in Europe, the app also allows to spread awareness messages on a large scale. The modes of transportation we primarily use, mainly gasoline-powered vehicles, account for 24% of carbon emissions, and 60% of journeys under 5km are done by car.

  • 25% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation

(Source : European Environment Agency)

  • 30% of car journeys in Europe are less than 3km

(Source : World Health Organisation)

"Pedestrians must once again become the priority for public authorities. (...) The results presented with the help of 6t should create or increase tenfold the initiatives implemented by cities and urban areas" said Jean-Marc Hoffner, President of the Strategic Council of the Urban School of Science Po Paris, present at the conference.

6t, what is it?

6t is an independent research company that specializes in the study of mobility practices, lifestyles and land use. The group supports public institutions and companies in their development processes.

Find the complete study conducted by 6t with WeWard :


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