WeWard's Annual Report for 2023 : a year of growth!

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2023 marked a turning point for WeWard! 2023 marked a turning point for WeWard. Thanks to the evolution of our team and the significant worldwide expansion of the app, we have seen remarkable growth and a deep commitment to the 3 things we care about: the environment, health and energising cities. Our app, which now has over 20 million users, has encouraged a more active lifestyle, leading to a 25% increase in average walking time.

18M donated, 2 new countries opened... Some figures we're proud of!

Let's talk about associations and what we've undertaken together...

With the marvellous milestone of 18M dollars donated this the beginning of WeWard to its users, our app is positioning itself as a pioneering application for physical health.

We're also proud to have enabled 60 charity projects this year to benefit from invaluable support for their causes, and it's all thanks to you!

In all, thanks to your generosity, 157,425,440 Wards were redistributed to the various associations. Together, we planted 43,625 trees to reforest the planet, and 10,000 fragments of coral in the Maldives to enhance the biodiversity of the seabed. We also donated 3,200 kilograms of pet food to animal protection charities.

This year, our team travelled to the town of Belambo in Madagascar to inaugurate a school that has been renovated by WeWard for around a hundred local children, in partnership with Secours Populaire and the Fifanampiana Malagasy association.

Supporting an association via WeWard also means showing humanity in an emergency. In response to the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, donations from WeWard users enabled the assembly of 2,000 food baskets, 2,000 hygiene kits, and 600 children's hygiene kits, helping 10,000 people.

The Weward app continues to offer support for associations, including in emergencies such as aiding Ukrainian children, assisting earthquake victims in Morocco, providing relief after the wildfires in Hawaii, and helping with the floods in Libya.

WeWard provided humanitarian aid in Syria and Turkey after the earthquakes last February.
We also helped Secours Populaire rebuild a school in Madagascar.

And what about the countries?

Since the launch of the app in 2019, we have launched WeWard in 9 countries, including 2 in 2023 alone! The app is now used by thousands of Americans and Japanese. These are two continents we're proud of, as they represent a logical extension of our public health and environmental commitment.

This year, you've been very, very good walkers!

The graph contains a ranking of the average distance travelled by users in each country. For each country, we give the average pitch of its city with the most users

We're even happier about the launch of the application in Japan, because in just 1 year, Japanese users have smashed the record for average annual steps! They have topped the rankings for the various countries with no less than 10,034 steps on average in 2023, an unprecedented record for the time being! New York City is also on the podium with an average of more than 9,000 steps, which is quite an achievement for the cadets of the WeWarders countries.

Have you ever wondered how many kilometres all the WeWarders have travelled together, and how many that would be if you added them up? We've done the maths for you! This year, users walked over 5 billion kilometres, 5,530,657,486 to be exact. To put it another way, that's the equivalent of circling the earth more than 137,000 times, or going to the moon and back more than 7,200 times! We're incredibly proud of this collective effort and look forward to breaking more records together.

The WeWard Success Story through your eyes!

The year began with our presence at CES in Las Vegas, where we met many inspiring users and partners. In February, Forbes revealed that WeWard ranked 109th among the TECH500 companies to watch in 2023, marking a positive trend at the start of the year.

WeWard's team during the last CES UNVEILED LAS VEGAS

This year, WeWard also benefited from excellent media coverage, of which we are very proud, with appearances in prestigious international media such as Elle, GB News, TF1, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Glamour, Forbes, Maddyness...

In conclusion... Thank you so much!

WeWard's team during our last seminar.

Yves Benchimol, CEO of WeWard, recently said: "It's been a great year. A lot of people came, very few left, and in my opinion that's a success that can be explained by the strong cohesion we've managed to create together."

On behalf of the entire WeWard team, thank you for your unfailing commitment and investment in this adventure, which we hope will continue for many years to come.

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