WeWard's talents in the spotlight: 'Episode 3'! Justine Roditis shares her adventure at WeWard!

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After Jessica and Surya, Wardy went to meet a new collaborator of WeWard, Justine Roditis. Jovial and proactive, Justine opens the doors to her world at WeWard.

Wardy: Hello Justine! As the WeWard official mascot, I know your journey with us is very inspiring, and I wanted to share it with our audience. Can you tell us more about your role and how you joined the WeWard adventure?

Justine Roditis: Hello Wardy! I'm thrilled to discuss my journey with you. As the VP of Operations, I'm at the heart of managing WeWard's international expansion. My adventure started two and a half years ago, in September 2021. I first joined the team as an International Business Developer, and since then, my missions have diversified!

Wardy: Justine, for our readers who are wondering, could you explain what being VP of Operations at WeWard means?

Justine Roditis: Of course! Being VP of Operations is a mix of strategy, innovation and daily management. I make sure I offer the best options for users to use their wards. On a daily basis, I make sure that our digital currency, are properly managed and that we offer our users the best possible options for spending their points!

Wardy: What energy! How does your team contribute to this dynamic?

Justine Roditis: I work with Elisa, our Partnership Manager. Together, we form a duo within the P&L team, where innovation is our main objective every day.

Wardy: What attracted you to WeWard?

Justine Roditis: I was first a user of the app. What really captivated me was WeWard's commitment to health, ecology, and its social dimension. Add to that varied missions and the pleasure of working in a dynamic startup, and you have the perfect cocktail for me!

Wardy: Do you have an anecdote or a highlight to share since you arrived at WeWard?

Justine Roditis: I find virtues in every shared moment. Of course, my trip to Madagascar in September 2023 comes to mind immediately. I had the chance to representative WeWard at the inauguration of the Belambo school on September 29 last year. We were able to finance part of its reconstruction thanks to donations from app users and strong participation from Secours Populaire and Fifanampiana Malagasy. This action was necessary because in this country, 30% of children aged 0 to 6 are not in school, only 30% access secondary education, and 14% can dream of higher education. I was able to meet nearly 300 students about to go back to school. These encounters would not have been possible if my path had not crossed with WeWard!
Every day, we hope to support other causes from different sectors but just as important, such as women's rights, people affected by armed conflicts or diseases.

Besides that, there are all the good moments of work and learning within the company. I also had the chance to attend several seminars, where we could discover beautiful places and share unique moments.

Wardy: We can feel your passion! What is your favorite feature on the app?

Justine Roditis: Without hesitation, the team championship. It's a real motivation booster!
And I'm excited about a new feature that will soon arrive on the app. I can't talk too much about it for now, but it should further motivate users to walk and add a new dimension of gaming to the app. Stay connected to not miss the launch!

Wardy: Speaking of steps, what is your personal record?

Justine Roditis: I've reached over 32,000 steps in one day... a real challenge! I hope to beat this personal record one day. Let's say it's a nice goal, among others, for this new year!

It's clear that Justine embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment that characterizes WeWard. Her journey, from her start as a user of the app to her crucial role as VP of Operations, underscores the importance of passion and versatility in a startup environment.
See you soon for another exchange between Wardy and a WeWard collaborator!

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