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It's not science fiction: clean walks are becoming more and more popular. But what are they? What do they want from us? What are their networks? We tell you EVERYTHING.

Noon, the time of the crime

Paris, Choiseul district, April 27, 2022, noon. A fine breeze caresses the city, cars hum at the stop signs and pigeons scan the shoulders of passersby. An everyday atmosphere. Suddenly, a dozen individuals wearing strange navy blue caps come into the neighborhood. They exchange pairs of latex gloves, some taking only one. Equipped with "untraceable" plastic bags, they split into small teams...

"What's the big deal?"

Sonia*, a passerby, doesn't miss a thing: each team starts to pick up what's lying around on the pavement: cigarette butts, bottles, subway tickets, sandwich wrappers, and corks. One of them even tries to remove a piece of chewing gum stuck on a bench. It's a waste of time.

Sonia is at first shocked: "Don't they have anything else to do, these people?" And they laugh as they talk with the passersby. Too weird.

Yet, discreetly, Sonia picks up the cigarette butt she had just abandoned at the foot of the manhole indicating that the sea begins here. She looks behind her, anxious, and throws the waste in a dustbin.

A small gesture, but not very difficult

This not-so-fictional story is about the WeWard teams who participated in their first clean walk together last spring.

Still a bit blue, we didn't weigh our loot and therefore don't have any numbers to give you (well, other than "5 bags", but that doesn't mean much).

The operation lasted two hours, during lunch time. A small gesture that doesn't change the world, but which (once again, we repeat) adds up to thousands of other small gestures that together can make a difference.

It's very nice, but... what is a clean walk?

It's a concept that has been around for a few years now, with a very simple principle: collect waste during a walk or a stroll.

Walking, WeWard... Do you see the connection? I do.

Everyone can participate in a clean walk, for 10 minutes, 2 hours, or all the time! It's both friendly and empowering for everyone (for example, for Sonia).


"It's not important"

Yes, it is. According to the platform, 20 billion tons of waste are dumped into the oceans every year, 1.5 million animals die because of plastic waste over the same period and it is estimated that a human ingests 5 grams of plastic per day on average. And yes, they are so everywhere that our vegetables grow with them and the animals we eat graze on them. Enjoying your meal?

Combining health and ecology

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy planet? We're not sure about the slogan, but in any case, it's a reality. Walking was already the best way to stay physically and mentally healthy and now you know that it also allows you to collect waste for a (slightly) cleaner future!

Thank you to the cleaners

Before ending this article, we would like to remind the work of the cleaners of the city of Paris (and everywhere in France) and assure them of our gratitude and support. Every day in Paris, 2.900 km of sidewalks are swept (the distance Paris-Moscow).

A clean walk action can never replace everything they do every day, so thank you to them.

It's up to you!

Take up our challenge, join clean walking actions near you and tag us on social networks!

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